Allied Academies

Organizing Committee Member

Dr. Muh Anshar

Researcher & Lecturer, Engineering and Information Technology

Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
Professor. Kohei Ogawa

Professor, System Information Science
Junichi Takeno

Professor, Department of Science and Technology

Meiji University, Japan
Professor. Dionisio Andujar Sanchez

Researcher, Robotics and Automation

Center of Automation and robotics, Spain
Chris Huyck

Professor, Artificial Intelligence

Middlesex University, Japan
Professor. Broer

Professor, Materials Scientist

Eindhoven University of technology, The Netherlands
Dr. Eleni Efthimiou

Research Director, Robotics and Embodied Interaction

Institute of speech and Speech Processing, Greece
Dr. Camilla Parmeggiani

Associate Professor, Chemistry

University of Florence and LENS, Italy
Daoxiong Gong

Professor, Artificial Intelligence

Beijing University of technology, China
Professor. Xin Zhao

Professor and Vice Dean, Department of Control Theory and Control Engineering

Nankai University, China
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